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4 tips you should know before remodeling your kitchen island

  • July 11, 2020

The kitchen is the heart of the house, and inevitably you find the family gathering around the kitchen island for a quick bite in the morning or a lovely meal at night. Plan in advance for the seating space that you will need to accommodate you at the island.

Most homeowners tend to forget about leaving enough aisle space, as they are too focused on the kitchen island itself

When you want to design your kitchen be careful about the space between aisle and cabinet as well as the door.  Sometimes islands are squeezed into a tight kitchen or built too small for a large room.

The width of a work aisle should be at least42 inches for multiple cooks and on sides with the appliance to account for door swings. while a walkway should be at least 36 inches.

For other spaces, you should speak with an expert to determine which kind of is suitable for  your area.

Kitchen Island

Don’t be fooled: An island doesn’t have to be rectangular. You can conform the shape to better suit your kitchen’s space and needs — or just to make a dramatic focal point. Rounded, L-shape, and T-shape islands are some of the more common substitutes for rectangles.

Also if you want to install sink in your island do not forget about over countertop to help you for serving food on the island.

Regarding material which you can use for the countertop, there’s a wide range of kitchen island surfaces like: granite, quartz, limestone, laminate, butcher block, marble and, etc.

But keep in your mind different countertop materials have different requirements. Solid Surface countertops can overhang 6 inches without additional support (e.g. plywood decking). 3 cm Quartz (engineered stone) can handle a 14 inches overhangs and 3 cm Granite overhangs should not exceed a 10 inches overhang without additional support.

Kitchen Island

Lighting is obviously a key element of any kitchen, regardless of whether or not it features an island. Pendant lights are generally the most preferred choice for kitchen islands.  Pendant lights over an island should hang 28-34 inches above the countertop of the island. This height provides a close enough light source without people bumping their heads on them or staring straight into the light source. But if you install stove in your island, you supposed to us hood instead of light.

Kitchen Island

Storage units and smart cabinets are an essential part of the modern kitchen island. They allow you to tuck away the mess, organize your kitchen in a better fashion and make sure that everything you need is handy. If you desire a well-organized space, there are quite a few alluring options, and once again, the choice of shelving units and cabinets should be determined by the specific needs of your kitchen. If you love party having a drink cabinet or small refrigerator  can be good  idea.

Small kitchens with limited shelving will benefit from extra-deep drawers and large fold-away inserts that will provide you with ample storage.

It is a good idea you see your experts before decide to change your kitchen.

Kitchen Island

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