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Consider the space

  • September 12, 2020

When you do not have enough space since grooming is main task for bath rooms having one sink with  large countertop can be a good idea , While double sink configuration has been popular in the past. The large countertop can help you to make your bath tidy and clean. Most of the our old customers believe that the second   sink is less important than the additional countertop. Besides maximizing the counter space, and having just one countertop can save your money and eliminating a set of plumbing expands the available storage space inside the vanity.              

Choosing Trendy Design Materials or Comfortable Design

At the first step you should thing about you plan in future do you want remodeling your bathroom again? Or do you want sell your home in nearest future?

If yes so choice trendy design it makes your home more luxury and fabulous. On the other hands, considering your future if you are senior or you want to be pregnant and you do not have any plan to sell your home in the future it is better use the bench or grab bar for more comfortable and convenience.

Counter Top Material:

Depending  your ideal design and your budget you can choose granite, marble, cultured marble (a man-made surface made of real marble chips and resin), solid surfaces, tile, and wood. When it comes to the countertop, granite and quartz have migrated from the kitchen into the bathroom, where they deliver the same durability and visual interest. Laminate and solid surface are still popular as well, and can be cost-effective options, though both scratches easily. See our countertop Ratings for full details.

Provide adequate ventilation and light

Moisture not only breeds mold and mildew, it can take a toll on finishes and painted surfaces. A bathroom fan is the best defense. Guidelines from the National Kitchen and Bath Association call for a ducted system that’s at least 50 cubic feet per minute, though you may need twice as much ventilation if the space is larger than 100 square feet or if you plan to install a steam shower. Consider a humidity-sensing unit that will automatically turn on and off depending on the amount of moisture in the air.

As for lighting, the goal is to bring different layers of illumination into the room. A ceiling fixture is suitable for general lighting, but it will cast shadows on your face when you’re seated at the vanity. That’s why you’ll also want sconces or other vertical fixtures mounted on either side of the vanity. Some medicine cabinets are available with vertical lighting strips.

The shower and toilet should also have a dedicated task light, such as a recessed canister light. Consider fixtures that use LED bulbs. Many provided bright, even illumination in our lightbulb tests with the promise of 50,000 hours, though they do cost more. Remember to put the fixtures on dimmer switches so that light levels can be adjusted depending on the mood and task at hand. 

Seven costly mistakes

What is the best lighting for a bathroom?

LEDs: Light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs have become viable options for bathroom lighting. Like the others, a CRI of 90 or above and color temperature of 2700K to 3000K are recommended.

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