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Kitchen Countertops pros and cons

  • September 12, 2020
Kitchen Countertops

Choosing the right countertop is one of the most important aspects of kitchen design that goes beyond the aesthetic. We provide some advantages and disadvantages of kitchen countertops materials to help you to decide.


Marble is a beautiful addition for a kitchen or bathroom countertop and is certainly one of the most elegant materials you can choose for any home.


You can have it for 100 years if you care about it. Marble is heat resistant. In the kitchen, it stands up well to hot pans and pots. In the bathroom, a styling tool won’t mar it unless left on it hot for some time. It’s become popular for fireplace surrounds because it won’t yellow due to the heat and can withstand the occasional spark on its surface.


A temporary stain can become a permanent stain. This luxury stone should be clean as soon as possible especially When colorful liquid splash on marble need to be cleaned up fast, Also is  an expensive countertop



Pros:   Granite is  Easy to clean just soap and water is enough for that, it is heat-resistant, Granite is extremely unlikely to crack during normal use.

Cons: Granite is not the most budget-friendly countertop material, granite countertops need to be installed professionally so if you want granite countertop hiring professional experts.


Quartz countertops are also known as Engineered stone countertops to differentiate them from natural stone countertops.  Most are made from a high concentration (93%) of quartz crystals, a natural substance,


 If you’re looking for a material that won’t crack, scratch, or get chipped easily, quartz is one of the best options. Another advantage of quartz countertops is its variety of elegant, sleek, and modern designs


Quartz is not heated resistance so using hot pot or pan should be with a cutting board.


Pros: Inexpensive, easy to install, and so much better-looking than you probably remember, thanks to new printing technology and decorative edges. Stains and heat didn’t damage the laminates we tested.

 Cons: Not as durable as natural stone, not heat resistant, and can be difficult to clean.

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