Custom Kitchen Cabinets


Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Toronto , North York , GTA

A custom kitchen cabinets is what we have done plenty of times. In most cases, our customer requests a custom kitchen cabinet because the standard kitchen cabinet does not completely meet their needs. So, our experts will do a detailed assessment of our client kitchen space and will advise our client on what would be the best kitchenware. Using the latest technologies and the best on the market, we can offer new styles of kitchen cabinets. Whether you need standard or custom-made kitchen cabinets, our experts will give you the details of what you need to pick. We are simply making your ideas come true. If you have questions about working with ECC Group Design, would like to take a tour of our showroom, or discuss a remodeling project, we are here for you.

  • Step 1


    You can Call (905.747.0003) or fill free estimate form on the website to book a consultation. also you can visit our showroom at 73 Doncaster Ave,Thornhill. we have a variety of custom kitchen cabinets demo with different materials.

  • Step 2


    Bring us your ideas and we’ll design a functional plan for any space. after that we’ll visit your home to take professional measurements of your kitchen to start working on the custom kitchen cabinets.

  • Step 3


    When your space is ready and cabinetry is delivered, our professional installers will coordinate with your plumbing and electrical contractors to complete the cabinetry and appliance installation, as well as hardware. We can provide your countertops, plumbing fixtures and hardware from our partners.